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Who are the Ashkenazi Jews?

Some of you may well have noticed that one of the subjects that this site has usually steered away from has been the issue of Jews and perhaps I should now but it is not my way to run away from The Truth when I discover it.
I suppose, that the main reason I avoided writing about the Jews and Zionism being, that I had no desire to spark off a divisive debate on a number of subjects that historians have been arguing over for decades.
Events that have caused men to be imprisoned for questioning the "authorised" version of history and foolishly,  I did not see those historic events of being relevant to the problems facing Our Country today.  I was wrong, because some of the descendants of those who have started so many wars in the past, seem hellbent on creating another world war in our time.

But what led me to having a change of heart, was when doing some research into an article concerning  Prince Andrew that led me into a quagmire of information that seemed to be all linked together and so the game was afoot and I was away on the trail.

The article on Prince Andrew will be about possible corruption  but before I can write it, I have to tell you of a word that kept coming up and which I found appeared to be linking everything together.  It was the word Ashkenazi, a word I had only been vaguely aware of, has being something to do with Jews.

So before I can write the article I must inform you of what I have learned about the "Ashkenazi Jews" or no doubt, as others will refer to them as, "The Fake Jews" as opposed to "The Real Jews" who are Sephardic Jews.
"...Judaism is a religion; but Zionism is a political movement started mainly by East European (Ashkenazi) Jews who for centuries have been the main force behind communism/socialism. The ultimate goal of the Zionists is one-world government under the control of the Zionists and the Zionist-oriented Jewish international bankers." - Jack Bernstein

According to the writer, the late Jack Bernstein, himself an Ashkenazi Jew who was murdered by the Israeli Mossad(they murder lots of people) for exposing the truth and writing the book The Life of an American Jew in Racist Marxist Israel he describes the origins of the Ashkenazi Jews as follows:-
The Ashkenazi Jews, who now compromise 90% of the Jews in the world, had a rather strange beginning. According to historians, many of them Jewish, the Ashkenazi Jews came into existence about 1200 years ago. It happened this way:

At the eastern edge of Europe, there lived a tribe of people know as the Khazars. About the year 740 A.D., the Khazar king and his court decided they should adopt a religion for their people. So, representatives of the three major religions, Christianity, Islam and Judaism, were invited to present their religious doctrines. The Khazars chose Judaism, but it wasn't for religious reasons. If the Khazars had chosen Islam, they would have angered the strong Christian world. If they had chosen Christianity, they would have angered the strong Islamic world. So, they played it safe -- they chose Judaism. It wasn't for religious reasons the Khazars chose Judaism; it was for political reasons.

Sometime during the 13th century, the Khazars were driven from their land and they migrated westward with most of them settling in Poland and Russia. These Khazars are now known as Ashkenazi Jews. Because these Khazar Ashkenazi Jews merely chose Judaism, they are not really Jews at least not blood Jews.

Throughout their history, these Polish and Russian Ashkenazi Jews practiced communism/socialism and worked to have their ideas implemented in these countries. ....................................

So when you think of Jews, especially as related to Israel, keep in mind that there is a great difference between Sephardic and Ashkenazi Jews. They are not one united people. They are divided socially, politically and especially racially.
Now the Ashkenazi, like all races, have good and evil people within its ranks but the trouble for us is that the Ashkenazi are a little bit brighter than your average race of people.  So when the evil Ashkenazi succeed, they succeed big time and with regards to furtherance of their New World Order, they are succeeding - which is not good for the little people like us, who they see as sheep to be sheared and cattle to be slaughtered to increase their personal wealth, power and control over us.

Now one of the time honoured ploys of the Zionist/Ashkenazi is to hide behind their false "Jewishness" and play the worlds top "Race Card", anti-semitism - which as you know, trumps all other "Race Cards" - whenever someone exposes them and their evil plans and a person who understands that only too well is David Icke, who wrote here.
They have sought to sell the 'Zionism-means-all-Jewish-people' lie so that they can condemn as 'anti-Semites' and 'racists' anyone who exposes the truth about Rothschild Zionism and its agents in government, banking, business, media, military etc.
So where will all this be going you ask?   Well it will be the exposure on this site of leading Ashkenazi's at work in this country and around the world who are seeking to bring about the global Marxist/Zionist New World Order.  Right, I must not forget to check the new "Boston Brakes" on my car, remember what happened to the patriot Jorg Haider?

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